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The objective of the lecture series is to provide an opportunity for the youth to discuss and talk about unity in an open manner in a conducive environment.  The issue of unity is interlinked with many other issues such as equality, culture background, history, education, development policy, economic policy etc.  With massive information available, it is important to provide a platform for the youth to discuss their concerns, ideas and perspectives on issue relating to UNITY.

In Sarawak, the issue of unity per se is a showcase for Malayisa.  Many applaud Sarawak for their achievement in this aspect especially in maintaining the harmony and understanding among the different ethnic groups.

However, due to influence and information available on the web, the youth might not be able to understand the importance of Sarawak’s uniqueness in maintaining the unity among the people.  Therefore, it is important for the youth to hear from the older generation on what build and leads to modern Sarawak and the social environment that we enjoyed in the present day.

It is hope that through this Unity Lecture Series, we are able to bridge the gap between the young and the old generation of Sarawak in understanding the importance of unity among the ethnic groups.


  • A platform for youth to be engaged on issues relating to unity in Sarawak
  • An open discussion with youth of Sarawak on issues affecting/concerning unity in Sarawak



The unity lecture series will be an interactive session comprising panelists and moderator where discussion will be moderated throughout the session.  Questions can be raised by participants if they wish to understand more about the topic at hand.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Engagement with the youth on Unity issues
  • Understanding the youth’s concern on the topics
  • An avenue for the youth to voice their thoughts and aspiration