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Kuching, Thursday: The Yayasan Perpaduan Sarawak’s inaugural Sape Camp 2023, to be held from June 19 to 22, has attracted 15 interests from youths throughout Malaysia.

We are pleased to announce that we have received an overwhelming response to the programme and have shortlisted including 15 participants including three from Semenanjung, two Sabahans and the rest from throughout Sarawak, a Spokesman from YPS said today.

The Spokesman added that the spectrum of racial composition of Malaysian youths selected for the camp reflected various races, including Indian, Chinese, Kadazandusun, Rungus, and Orang Asli, one each respectively, together with the three Ibans, two Bidayuhs, a Punan, Kenyah, Malay and Melanau, being able to unite for a common interest in Sape music.

YPS is organising this Sape Camp 2023 with the objective of bringing these young people together as part of its unique strategic intention, using Sape as a uniting factor, to pursue their musical interests and career of our young people in Malaysia.

“This legendary Sarawak’s native instrument will be the bonding factor among these young musicians, and together they will build their musical interest under a common banner of Sape,” the Spokesman added.

The four-day camp will be conducted by local professional musicians, including Sarawak’s Sape legend, Matthew Ngau Jau, composer Narawi Rashidi, Sarawak’s Sape maestro and award winner, Jerry Kamit and a local researcher and academician, Dr. Connie Lim Keh Nie of UNIMAS.

The Spokesman added that these key individuals would share their in-depth knowledge and experiences of the Sape as a musical instrument, its origin, and the Sape’s musical journey worldwide.

“We look forward to their ideas and contributions” and adding that their sharing of topics ranging from practical and theoretical applications to Sape music was applicable in their musical career.

The camp would not only expose the participants to the theoretical aspects of Sape but also would give them the opportunity to learn song composition and be able to perform it in front of the public, he enthused.

The camp will also take participants to experience and see first-hand a Sape-making demonstration at the Lan E Tuyang Homestay Sape workshop in Bau.

The closing ceremony and the “Sape Ambassadors” certificate presentation ceremony will be held on June 22.

In the evening, participants will perform by wearing their own native costumes, presenting their newly acquired skills at the Godown Amphitheatre at the Kuching Waterfront.

Also making an appearance at the evening concert will be the Perintis Orkestra Tradisi Remaja Sarawak (POTRES) and award-winning Sape group, Tuku’ Kame’.

The mini-concert is open to all and the public is invited to come and enjoy the evening with Sape melodies and songs.