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Unity Talk Series

This lecture series provided a forum for young people to openly discuss and debate issues of unity, such as equality, cultural background, and economic policies, in a safe environment.

Empowerment Series

A series of sessions aimed at equipping young people with knowledge and understanding of various social issues affecting today’s youth, from financial management and depression to sexuality and waste management.

Camp United

Camp United is an annual camp that encourages participants to learn about one another’s roots, cultures, and backgrounds, as a prerequisite for genuine friendship, bonding, and unity.


These MakanMakan sessions, such as Pesta Orang Ulu, Pesta Melanau and Raya Aidilfitri, acted as a platform where Malaysians and non-Malaysians were encouraged to learn and understand more about one another’s food cultures, while also promoting greater cross-cultural understanding and acceptance.

Sarawak’s Pride

The Sarawak’s Pride Project made it into the Malaysia Book of Records (MBR) for achieving the Most Number of Unity Short Stories where short stories on Sarawakian unity were collected by members of the public.

Roundtable – Your Say

Roundtable discussions on topics related to social unity and harmony were held to gather additional feedback from the public, providing a more holist


The International Youth Cultural Conference brought together youth from various Malaysian states, as well as international youth organisations from around the region and abroad, to share and discuss their cultures, as well as their efforts to promote culture as a unifying force in their respective countries.

Chill Out

In conjunction with International Women’s Day, Chill Out were invited to join a free aerobic dance and mini Zumba session that aimed at promoting a healthier lifestyle.

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