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WEBINAR : THINGS THAT BIND US: The Art of Pottery; The Evolution of Sarawak Pottery

Date : 20th August 2022 (Saturday)
Time : 9.45 AM
Registration Link : https://bit.ly/ttbupottery

Clay, a natural resource, could be made into various products. A lump of wet clay, shaped  into a pot by a potter’s precision skills. It is an ancient skill used by our ancestors to make cooking ware or pots for ceremonial purposes. Traces of pots shreds were found at the Niah Great Cave, Miri. Nowadays, pots are mainly used as decorative items. These pots symbolize status and carry cultural value in certain ethnic groups. The decorative pots are known to be a must have souvenirs when traveling to Sarawak. The integrated carvings of Dayak motif and Chinese motif in one pot is part of Sarawak’s unique identity and culture which binds us together.